Gustav & Henri: Volume 2


Gustav & Henri are back! And hellbent on REVENGE breakfast.

Join them for 100% of your recommended daily intake of adventures, escapades and capers – all in one book!


Gustav and Henri return for three more foolhardy* romps.

Gustav is still impulsive. Henri is still sensible. But this time they’ve got to brave the sewers to retrieve a lost puzzle-piece, defy storms to reach a delicious dessert island and laugh in the face of danger to rescue a beloved great-aunt. 

Fans of Gustav and Henri volume 1 will love the return of this delightful best-friend duo. With beautiful illustrations, hilarious jokes and gripping storytelling, this book is perfect for young readers everywhere.

*Foolhardy? More like geniussofty**. – Gustav.

** Gustav, I think foolhardy was letting us off lightly. The one with the shrink ray is so foolish and hard it’s basically a bonkers diamond. – Henri