Meet Henri
& Gustav

This is their book.
It’s a bit about friendship and a lot about snacks

Perfect for ages 5 and up, you won’t be able to get enough of this wonderful new series!

It’s for every kid who loves science fiction mystery time travel detective adventures.

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The Characters

Meet Gustav

Gustav is the world’s first gastronaut (a gastronomist is a food-lover, an astronaut is a space lover, Gustav combines the two; because in space, no one can year you burp). Despite his many, skills, acomplishments, awards and frequent calls from the government to solve international catastrophes, Gustav remains down to Earth (or, if he’s exploring space, down to Moon). Gustav’s best friend and regular co-adventurer is Henri Normal.

Meet Henri

Henri is an engineer and inventor responsible for creating the pedal-powered toothbrush and the famous “Perpendicular Perambulator TM” – the first machine to make it possible for crabs to walk forwards and backwards instead of side to side.

She likes nothing better than taking something apart to see how it works, except perhaps putting it back together again, better than she found it. When she’s not inventing, she can be found organising her collection of coloured pens, or can not be found perfecting her latest home camouflage outfit that allows her to blend in anywhere by looking like a pot plant on a coffee table.

The Authors

Andy Matthews
(who drew the Words)

Andy is a comedian who likes eating cheese and digging big holes for no reason.

Peader Thomas
(who wrote the pictures)

Peader is an illustrator who likes weird comic books and dislikes falling into the holes Andy digs in his garden.